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The importance of proper biomechanics

Posted on April 18, 2011 at 5:54 PM Comments comments (1402)
posture check
First of all, what is considered to be good posture? To put it simply, having good or correct posture means having each part of the body in alignment with its neighboring parts. Looking at a person from the side  one should be able to draw a straight line from the earlobe through the middle of the shoulder, hip, knee and finally the ankle. Maintaining good posture promotes health, reduces stress and lessens pain and fatigue. If you trancend this good posture in to a simple exercise like the bicep curl you will notice the next time your in the gym that most people have a forward head posture to start with and some with there humerous upper arm bone actually resting on there chest with the neck flexed forward , this primarily stops the humerous from heading backwards in the first few degrees of the exercise and actually gets the front delt shoulder muscles to do  the work at the start of the contraction instead of the bicep its these reasons and more that people get shoulder impingements and your actually training your neuromuscular system to essentially breed a forward head position and teaching the synergistic helping muscles  that this abnormal firing sequence is normal,  simply letting your arms head slightly back at the start of the exercise stops this, so simply put proper biomechanics, the way we recover and reset our nervous system is detrimental to athletic performance
proper postureConversely, poor posture and faulty neuro receptor routines when we dont lift anything where the body is out of alignment, puts unneeded stress on the neck and back,  increasing the risk of complications, such as headaches, back and neck aches and of course fatigue. It can also  increase the chance of constricted blood vessels and spinal nerves. In addition, the degenerative effects of poor posture can take its toll on bones, discs, muscles and joints. Physical therapists have seen proper resistance postural exercise change lives and its amazing to see the same postural adaptions go hand in hand with the major problems in the musculoskeletal system.

Spinal Damage

Posted on April 18, 2011 at 3:31 PM Comments comments (2090)
spinal damagespinal damageOur modern lives are causing serious damage to our posture. This constant flexion addiction is responsible for many anti-nflammatory and pain killing prescriptions. Weak tight inhibited para spinal muscles, have by no means won the battle . Coupled with ageing, gravity and our sedentary lifestyles however it's never to late to change. There is a painless solution for every body in as little as 10 minutes a day. When you are pain and injury free stay that way. The easiest way to change your posture and release the upper cross syndrome that causes your shoulder tendonitis to ache after sport despite the fact your fit and stretching regularly, or the lower cross syndrome that makes you walk with your hip flexors contracting  first instead of the gluteas maximus contracting first  is the proper use of corrective exercise .